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Life is a series of milestones that requires ingenuity and hurdling to achieve. Along the way, there are those who make it easier, make it smoother and make it a reality.  You’ve done all the hard work of discovering the path, JLC & Associates is here to help you close the deal and cross the finish line.

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“Jean is extraordinary.  It is inconceivable to me that there is any better choice than Jean.  From the start, Jean was clear, concise, and proactive.  Whenever I wanted to discuss something, she was highly responsive and patient.  When I ran into difficulties with a slow-moving condo board, she didn’t miss a beat, stepped up and coached me while also coordinating with my real estate agent, and went way beyond what I had any right to expect.  Though I’ve sold and bought properties before, I’m no expert.  With Jean’s advice and coaching, though, I understood everything and had what I needed to make good decisions–on legal matters and beyond.  As most high performers are, Jean is also backed by an excellent team.  In my lifetime, I’ve had now four closings. I know the difference between adequate and excellent. Jean is excellent.”   (READ MORE)

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