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Life is a series of milestones that requires ingenuity and hurdling to achieve. Along the way, there are those who make it easier, make it smoother and make it a reality.  You’ve done all the hard work of discovering the path, JLC & Associates is here to help you close the deal and cross the finish line.

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“Jean patiently listened to all of my questions and thoughtfully considered which business structure would be best for me.  When it came time to navigate the required paperwork, she was beyond flawless.  She even helped me with things that were probably below her expertise, just so that I could rest easy knowing that everything was done correctly.  If I had to use 3 words to describe Jean I would say she is precise, considerate and intelligent.  She represents exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer, and I’ve met enough to know that these qualities are incredibly rare.”   (READ MORE)

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